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Despite commonly being seen as a British sport, greyhound racing is in fact an international activity enjoyed by millions of spectators in various countries around the world. Although the industry may be the most buoyant in the UK, it's also enjoyed in regions as far flung as the US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
Thanks to the global interest in greyhound racing, live streams are now widely available online and on mobile. Much like horse racing, greyhound racing isn't given as much exposure on mainstream TV channels as other sports. Although major events will sometimes get a run out on certain networks, the majority of greyhound (and horse racing) events are shown on dedicated channels.
Often broadcast in betting shops, these shows cover races within the local area and beyond. The natural progression for these shows was to move into the live streaming arena where punters could click through a plethora of meets within a single platform. In the spirit of greyhound racing, punters traditionally like to speculate on a range of races in a single session and that's the reasons live streams have become big business in recent years.
Many of the leading sports betting operators now offer dedicated streams when customers place a wager and all the best broadcasts can be found on PlayLiveStream. From the biggest races in the UK to local meetings in the US and beyond, live greyhound racing streams online now offer punters of all persuasions a fantastic way to engage with this high octane sport.

The History of Greyhound Racing 

Although greyhound racing evolved from hare coursing in the UK (a sport during which coursers use greyhounds to catch hares), the formal roots of the sport can actually be traced back to the US. It's certainly true that the seed was first planted in Hendon, England, back in 1876. This early experiment failed to catch on and it wasn't until Owen Patrick Smith created the first oval track and raced dogs in 1912.
Behind Smith's quest to make greyhound racing an official sport was his desire to save the American jack rabbit. In his opinion the use of an artificial hare would give greyhound owners a new pastime to pursue instead of coursing and killing rabbits. From this platform Smith opened his first professional greyhound track in 1919 in California and this eventually led to the proliferation of pari-mutuel betting across the US.
The UK soon adopted the model set-up by Smith and in 1926 American Charles Munn and Canadian Major Lyne-Dixson partnered by Englishman Sir William Gentle to form the Greyhound Racing Association. Within a year the UK boasted 40 operational greyhound tracks and the sport became both a pastime and a betting opportunity for the working class within the country.
Indeed, unlike horse racing which has traditionally been the retreat of middle and upper class citizens, greyhound racing had much more of a fan base among members of the lower class. Having just enough money to enjoy recreational activities but not enough to enter the world of horse racing, working men and women were drawn to the more affordable greyhound racing industry.
This connection with the masses helped turn greyhound racing into a booming industry within the UK and, later, the US. In fact, by the end of World War II, attendance figures across the UK hit a record 46 million and after off-course cash betting was legalised in 1960 it helped the sport become as much of a televised spectacle as a live event
Today, commercial greyhound racing is shown almost every day of the week in betting shops across the UK. Thanks to dedicated TV networks, punters can tune into the latest action from around the world and place bets with their local bookmaker. Naturally, this culture has since moved in line with modern technology which means many punters now watch live greyhound racing streams online and they place bets using their desktop or mobile device. 

International Greyhound Racing 

Although greyhound racing is most popular in the UK and US, it's also regulated in a selection of countries. Each boasting their own governing bodies and major championships, the likes of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa all help to create a 24/7 racing market.
Australia: Outside of the UK and the US, Australia is by far the largest greyhound racing market in the world. Each state has its own governing body and there are more than 50 official tracks around the country. Many of the largest venues, such as Angle Park, Cannington Park and Sandown Park, regularly turnover millions of dollars in revenue each year and the industry as a whole is reported to be worth in excess of £50 million per year.
New Zealand: With more than 700 dogs bred specifically for racing each year, New Zealand is one of the emerging hubs for racing. Overseen by the New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association, the industry is worth a reported £30 million each year.
South Africa: Despite being one of the smaller markets for greyhound racing, there is still a hardcore set of fans that enjoy the sport in South Africa. Unlike other countries, greyhound racing is strictly amateur in South Africa and the industry is controlled through a partnership between the United Greyhound Racing and Breeders Society (UGRABS) and the South African Renhond Unie (SARU - South African Racing Dog Union).

Biggest Greyhound Events 

Given the global nature of greyhound racing it isn't possible to pin down a specific "championship" that takes precedent over another. Unlike the world's top horses and jockeys, greyhounds don't travel around the global to take on the finest runners in different countries. Because of this local ethos, greyhound racing fans will focus their attention on major championships in each of the major markets.
The UK: Although there are a number of major events in the UK, such as the Irish Derby, the richest race in recent years was the William Hill Greyhound Derby. Offering a top prize of £250,000, the event is the most lucrative in the sport's history and it took place inside Wimbledon Stadium. Eventually, won by Rio Quattro, the event is scheduled to take place again in 2016 and is now lauded as the pinnacle event in greyhound racing.
The US: Greyhound racing is much more regionalised in the US than it is in other countries and that means various states will host their own annual events consisting of the best runners from the local arena. Some of the most active racing states include Florida, Texas and Arkansas.
Australia: For Australian racing fans and those tuning in via live greyhound racing streams online, the Melbourne Cup is the number event of the year. Run over a distance of 515 metres at Sandown Park in Melbourne, the race has been running since 1956 with the winner receiving a top prize worth $350,000 (£161,000).

Betting on Greyhound Races 

For almost as long as greyhound racing has been a sport there has been betting on it. From on-course pari-mutuel betting to off-course odds based wagers, people have been exchanging cash for bets on greyhounds for many decades. In fact, one of the reasons greyhound racing has become as popular as it has done is the betting culture that's grown up alongside it.
The betting industry is flourishing thanks to the advent of online sportsbooks and live streaming. Giving punters a new way to both watch and interact with the sport, this combination of bookmakers and streaming services has not only made speculating on greyhounds more efficient, but more profitable.
Indeed, because live streaming gives people a way to watch racing from around the world via their desktop or mobile device, they now have access to more odds, more options and, therefore, more ways to make money. Sports bettors have always demanded a greater range of options in whatever market they operate and the combination of online bookmakers and live streams has made this possible for greyhound racing fans in recent years.

Greyhound Racing Live Streams 

When you navigate to the greyhound racing hub on PlayLiveStream you'll not only find direct access to all the top races from around the world, but you'll also be a few clicks away from the best odds on the internet. Through a network of carefully selected operators we've been able to source the best greyhound racing markets and combine them with a plethora of daily and weekly live streams.
From local events in the US to national championships in the UK, fans around the world can now watch and speculate on all the top action using their desktop or mobile courtesy of PlayLiveStream. Not only that but our tabular system means you can easily switch from greyhound racing to horse racing, football, tennis or cricket with a few simple clicks.
Indeed, when it comes to action, greyhound racing is merely the top of the iceberg at PlayLiveStream. Dedicated to bringing you all the best sporting action from every part of the globe, our interface should not only keep you satisfied when it comes to greyhound racing, but virtually every other sport imaginable as well.
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