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It's one of the most anticipated horse racing events of the year and every time the Grand National is run there's an air of excitement in the sporting world. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned punter or a casual observer, the Grand National is not only a time for watching some of the finest runners and riders in the world do their thing, but a chance to make some money. 

Although many professional sports bettors refer to the Grand National as a lottery, the event still attracts a plethora of betting interest among the general public and that often results in some generous odds and bonuses. Indeed, when the 2016 Grand National rolls around the markets will once again be buzzing as will our live streams. 

To keep you abreast of all the best action, we'll have a dedicated Grand National 2016 live stream ready to beam you every jump, turn and sprint in HD quality. However, before the off, we've compiled a guide to the Grand National and all its nuances. 

The History of the Grand National

The Grand National was first run in 1836 as something of a folly for William Lynn. After setting up the event on some land he leased from William Molyneux, the first three years of racing were described as a "national" event but were small in stature.

However, in 1838 and 1839 a series of events took place that allowed Lynn's race to move to the top of the British racing calendar. The first significant event was the loss of the St Alban's chase from annual schedule and this was followed up by the movement of a railway link to Liverpool. Finally, to capitalise on these changes, a committee was formed to better organise the event. 

By 1840 Lynn stepped away from the set-up, leaving Edward Topham to take charge, and this signalled the start of some significant changes. The first major development was the switching of the race from a weight-to-age race to a handicap in 1943. 

A century later, following the growing success of the Grand National under the Topham rule, the family bought Aintree racecourse and that helped create one of the most impressive races in the world. 

Where the Magic Happens: Aintree and Grand National

The Grand National 2016 will take place, as it has done since the event's inception, at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool. Once owned by William Molyneux and then by the Topham family, the course has undergone a number of upgrades over the last few centuries.

Originally connected to Liverpool and the rest of the country via a dedicated railway station, a fact that helped the event gain a huge amount of popularity, the course has since relied on Aintree town railway station. 

Formally, Aintree racecourse was a National Hunt course that plays host to a number of races throughout the year. However, the Grand National is the most famous of all its races. For casual racing fans, the allure of the National is its pomp and ceremony, but for those in the know, Aintree provides one of the most testing steeplechase courses in the world. 

According to racing experts, Aintree Racecourse has some of the toughest jumps in the world. It is so famous in fact that the largest of the 16 have names that are almost as iconic as the race itself. 

Grand National Greats

Given the prestige attached to the Grand National, all the world's top jump trainers and riders descend on Liverpool each year in a bid to win the lion's share of a seven-figure prizepool. Given this desire to win the greatest National Hunt race in the world, the list of Grand National winners reads like a who's who of racing talent.

Indeed, over the years some of the best jockeys and trainers of all time have cemented their places in history thanks to impressive wins in the National:

Ginger McCain and Red Rum: When it comes to legendary partnerships in racing, there are few that can match Mr. McCain and Red Rum. Part of the horse’s hugely impressive list of accolades, Red Rum managed to win this race three times before retiring.

Manifesto: The most consistent runner in Grand National history, Manifesto competed in a total of eight Grand Nationals and won the race twice during its career.

West Tip: Another consistent performer, this horse managed six consecutive runs in the National and managed to secure a win in 1986.

Tom Olliver: One of the most consistent Grand National jockeys of all time, Olliver competed in a total of 19 races (17 in a row), winning it three times, finishing second three times and third once.

The 2016 Grand National 

Continuing the long tradition of the Grand National taking place in April, the 2016 Grand National will once again spring into life on April 7. Getting under way with the Grand Opening Day, this event will host a selection of extracurricular activities as well as a selection of preliminary races that will help set the scene for the main event which will take place, as it always does, on a Saturday.

Helping to ramp up the excitement and give female race fans a day to remember is Ladies Day on April 8. Between the designer dresses and high-pointed hats, the day will see a slew of races take places as the turf is warmed up for the 2016 Grand National on April 9. 

Bringing the three-day festival to a glittering conclusion on the Saturday, the Grand National 2016 is expected to be yet another impressive spectacle with some of the best horses in the world set to make the start line. Although the final list of runners hasn't been fully finalised, you can expect to see the likes of Many Clouds, The Druids Nephew and Shutthefrontdoor when you tune into our Grand National live stream. 

Betting on the 2016 Grand National

Betting on the Grand National 2016 won't be an easy task. Because the field will be large and the course tough, this year's race could be won be any number of competitors. 

However, there are a number of things you can do to tip the balance in your favour. One of the first things you should think about doing is making an each way bet. Instead of picking an outright winner, a prudent tactic in the racing world when it comes to the National is to hedge your bets with each ways. Because there will be a handful of runners that could legitimately win, it's always worth staking some money on the top prospects to finish within the top four or five (depending on the bookmaker you use). 

Aside from simply placing each way bets, it's possible to increase your chances of making a profit from the Grand National 2016 by using the following strategies:

Take a Risk:  Although long shots are statistically unlikely to make you a profit, they do allow you to make a big return for a small outlay. If you're new to the horse racing world and have a limited bankroll then betting on outsiders can be a great way to give yourself a quick boost. 

Balance Your Bankroll: Betting within your limits is a key skill that every horse racing bettor should master. In general, you should never wager more than 10% of your bankroll in a single session. Breaking this down further, each specific bet should be no more than 2% of your bankroll. 

Learn as Much as You Can: The more you can learn about the skill of sports betting, the more chance you’ll have of winning. Read as many tips from respected horse racing pundits as possible and compare the market to build up a better idea of which horses are hot and which horses are not. 

Another way to increase your knowledge of the Grand National is to check out the daily live streams. In the two days preceding the big races, every round of action will be available to watch online and this means you can get a real feel for how the course is running, which jockeys are in form and who the red hot trainers are. 

Picking up this information during our Grand National 2016 live stream should give you a much better insight into the race itself and, therefore, give you a much better chance of making some serious money.

Watch the 2016 Grand National Online

Although the 2016 Grand National is set to be another impressive spectacle, it's important to remember that the three-day festival will have a lot more racing action for you to get your teeth into. From April 7 to April 9, you'll be able to tune into a variety of live racing streams using your desktop or mobile device. However, if you're only interested in the Grand National, then you can log in, place a bet and watch all the drama unfold without having to move away from your desktop or mobile. Not only that but every race will be available in crystal clear HD quality which means you'll be able to experience every beat of the turf as the world's finest horses race for glory.  
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