Football Live Streams

FC Krasnodar II
Kuban Krasnodar II

CSKA Moscow
CSKA Moscow
17:00 Benfica

17:00 Chelsea

19:45 Bayern Munchen
Bayern Munchen
Bayern Munchen

Ipswich Town
Ipswich Town
19:45 Sheffield Wednesday
Sheffield Wednesday
Sheffield Wednesday

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Quarllo, Rempli De Delice, Moonlight Dancer, Troop The Colour, Pata Pata, Twofold, La Mer, Arabian Song

Edjira, En Fin De Compte, Sucaille, Lanakill, Light Girl, Winwhip, Selati, My Secret, Gentiane De L'aube, Go Milady

The Lady Rules, Cornerstone Lad, Aladdin Sane, Level Of Intensity, Eneko

La Fille Francaise, St Merryn, Shanroe Saint, Santo De Lune, Harefield, General Bux, Fairway Freddy, Echnaton, Destined To Shine, Cheer's Delboy, Born For War, Absolutely Frankie

Mahari, Kings Watch, Itsamanslife, Farmer Lad, Duhallow Lad, Big Time Frank, Bang On Frankie, Bact To Black, Jubilee Lass, Western Ryder, Sounds Of Italy, Soldier Boy, North West Wind, Moving In Style, Manhattan Spring

Sufi, Jive Talking, Plead, Hairdryer, Tee It Up Tommo, Solveig's Song, Rubis, Biotic, First Experience, Buckland Beau, The Yellow Bus, Peace And Plenty

Secratario, Dashing Dusty, Obrigada, Crystal Casque, Golden Deal, Sotomayor, Roman Spinner, Kendergarten Kop, Give Em A Clump, Miss Condi, Blackwood, Jazzy Girl, Watch Tan, Hurricane Lil

Three Weeks, Salute The Soldier, Purple Jazz, Mushtaq, More Harry, I Can, Flavius Titus, Doctor Knox, Sheila Rose, My Heart, Classic Charm, Daltrey, Cativo Ragazzo, Brigham Young

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Cricket Live Streams

0:00 England

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Golf Live Streams

Scrivener, Jason
Blixt, Jonas

Round 1 (Emirates Australian Open 2017)

Lagergren, Joakim
Hanson, Chris

Aiken, Thomas
Morrison, James

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Greyhounds Live Streams

Perry Barr
Roxy Magic, Ballygibbon Fog, Bit View Rock, Express Delta, Billy Bent Leg, Arties Sister

Ashbank Celt, Corrakelly Storm, Dreams Of Dunelm, Finns Molly, Taylors Fantasy, Taxi Twofifty

Mineola Mama, Tonawillie Jet, Crooks Codi, Tullylee, Welcomed Guest, Mustang Melon

Jumbos Brother, Turnhouse Ace, A Bit Of Grace, Ranger Reidy, Emers Ace, Masters Mate

Kahara Storm, Kayleigh Duke, Mama Russia, Dog Marley, Debden Sid, Our River Jet

Droopys Empoli, Who Needs Socks, Fabulous Arrival, Roundhill Boy, Cisberry Geo, Whatcangowrong

Belle Vue
Swift Buzzard, El Sala, Brunswick Berry, Ask Ned, Beannacht Bridie, Moscow Boy

Ventry Jack, Seanachai, Beanos Razl, Pauls Ace, Vics Champ, Jet Stream Peata

Swift Irene, Gabriels Gift, Montore John Jo, Stalham Raider, Jazz Fame, Mikey Ship

Miss Clayhanger, Catunda Lacey, Cooldevane Bess, Raceway Katie, Ten Of Spades, Bridies Ranger

Haggswood Speed, Starshinestorm, Suncroft Liz, Callas Maria, Cash Injection, Witton Oyster

Headford Vic, Cloncunny Holly, Azure Fly, Abigails Boy, Peske Lady, Southfield Eva

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Over the last few years the way in which websites cover the biggest sporting leagues in the world has changed dramatically. While it was once that case that pundits and experts would have to provide match previews and reviews, it then became common for live bloggers and tweeters to provide in-game recaps and reactions.
This ever increasing hungry for instant information gradually pushed web developers to integrate live streaming technology into their platforms. First popularised by the horse racing industry, the combination of cameras, servers and viewing platforms has now become big business in the football community.
Today, it's now possible to watch thousands of matches from around the world on a weekly basis. Naturally, this has resulted in a wave of renewed interest in football and that's helped to take the technology to new levels. Indeed, you can watch streams that have multiple camera angles, adjustable quality (right up to HD) and live commentators. Moreover, you can also gain access to additional stats and information courtesy of pop ups and connected widgets.
As complex as today's live streaming technology is, accessing the best action is extremely simple. In fact, after navigating to the match of your choice is just a few clicks away:
  • Visit:
  • Use the left tool bar to choose your favourite sport.
  • Filter the results by date, including: "today", "tomorrow" and future dates.
  • Whittle down the results even further by selecting different countries to focus on.
  • For the star match of the day, see the boxout at the top of the page.
  • Once you've found a match you want to watch, click the active link.
  • Once inside the streaming portal the video will load automatically without you having to download any software or leave the main site. 
Overall, the process of finding your perfect match and watching it without leaving your computer has been made extremely easy.

Live online Football Streams: A New Angle on the Beautiful Game

Football has been the biggest sport in the world for many years, but thanks to advances in live streaming technology over the last five years, the "beautiful game" is now more popular than ever.
Indeed, with fans having access to games from around the world via their digital devices, there are literally millions of users now enjoying the sport in a new and exciting way. The net result of this is that the game's elite are now lauded as demigods like never before; moreover, it means fans have a much greater level of interaction with the game.

Watch Tennis Live Online

PLAYLIVESTREAM.COM offers the best selection of live streams from the ATP and WTA tennis tournaments circuit. And because PLAYLIVESTREAM.COM has a direct connection with all the Grand Slam tournaments, we can offer you exclusive livestream of all games! Watch your favorite players at the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open, and follow them from the first round to the final.

PlayLiveStream Basketball

The biggest viewing figures, the highest earning players by average annual salary and larger than life personalities (and statures), basketball, moreover the NBA, is arguably the world's ultimate sport. Although largely a product of the American sporting system, basketball has now generated a global fan base.
While the epicentre of the game is still very much the US, a number of European and Asian countries are making their way on the world stage in events such as the Olympics. However, when it comes to elite basketball action, the NBA is the place to go. Thanks to the advent of live basketball streams in recent years, it's now a lot easier for international fans to catch the latest action.
Instead of having to watch repeats or highlights of the best NBA games, desktop and mobile users can log into PlayLiveStream, find a basketball channel and watch everything in real-time. Such provisions have not only opened up the game to new fans in recent years, but increased the global interest in the NBA significantly.

Watch Formula 1 and all other motorsports Live Online

The titanic struggle in F1 is just getting started will Mercedes sweep all before them? Will the Williams resurgance continue? Thanks to the contribution of the English Champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button the seaosn can only get more exicting!  This  season, the perfectly equipped race cars are ready for top racing action. PLAYLIVESTREAM.COM starts on pole position and sends you every Grand Prix live stream in the right direction!

Watch Darts Live Online

Look no further, because you have hit the bullseye. Do not miss any of the PDC cicruit matches by watching our live stream online. PLAYLIVESTREAM.COM has everything organised for so you do not miss any game worldwide in the PDC circuit with such  darts heros such as Phil Taylor, James Wade and Adrian Lewis

Watch Ice Hockey Live Online

The inimitable action of lightning fast breaks and rock hard body checks. Hockey is the sport that just goes a little further. In PLAYLIVESTREAM.COM follow the top matches from all over the world. Whether it is the American NHL, Russian KHL  or other European leagues, here you are always guaranteed power play.
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